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Catering & Cooking Classes Served with Bergen County Style

Between birthdays, holidays, and special occasions, there is always a party happening in Bergen County. Drinks are flowing and the spread of food across the table just keeps on comin'... Wait, you don't have hot dishes being served? You're telling me you purchased a box of frozen wrapped weenies for your guests? That's just NOT gonna cut it in this neck of the woods!

Lisa Pattman Catering has you covered for any event! Whether its a corporate event or Christmas party in your home, she customizes the menu to your liking with high end ingredients and an amazing presentation. Gluten free? Vegan? Kosher? NOT a problem, she caters to ALL your needs!

But what if you didn't have an event planned because you were struggling to set up a night to WOW your friends and family? Not to worry, Lisa is here to save the day (again!) She also sets up private cooking parties! In-home cooking classes are a hot trend and super fun to experience! Master Chef Lisa Pattman herself will make your party or event a memorable one with a 3-course cooking class and dinner service. How much easier could it be?!

Master Chef Lisa has also worked on Food Network under Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, and so many others. Did I mention she was a private chef for celebrities like Sting?! She was recently a WINNER on Good Morning America's Kings Hawaiian grilling contest! If you need more reasons why she is the private chef for you, I could keep going...

Her meals are absolutely incredible and if you have the opportunity to work with her, you will NOT be disappointed. Check out her website for all of your services and follow her on Instagram to stay on top of her drool worthy recipes and meals!

Mother's day is coming up - You and I both know that your dear mother deserves a night to be catered to while enjoying the best meal of her life. Just saying ;)

Keep on dining,



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