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How The Food Couple Came to be!

Hello hungry voyagers!

Welcome to the official site of the Food Couple! My name is Karli and I am the creative mind behind our page! That stud with me is Mike! Together we are The Food Couple NJ. We live in Bergen County New Jersey and have dedicated our weekends to hunt for the best food joints in the area! 


About 3 years ago I thought it would be funny to document the absurd amount of food we eat, and behold, The Food Couple NJ was born. We began our journey as food influencers, promoting and marketing for small local businesses. If you or anyone you know owns a restaurant, cafe, deli, bakery, or any delicious business, we would love to come in and give you guys a shout!


We have expanded our taste buds to a new level I never could have imagined and have met so many like-minded foodies along the way. We are so grateful for our experience and we are so excited to have you all join in on the journey!


Have a recommendation? Message or email us and we would love to see what you guys like! Check out our social pages or follow us on Instagram and scroll through the drool worthy meals we’ve tried. Hopefully you go get the chance to drop in and show your support for the restaurants you love! Don't forget to subscribe to our page to stay on top of new eats!

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