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  • Karli Damiano

Ultimate Summer Guide to Jersey Shore Dining

The countdown is on! ONE. MORE. WEEK. Until Summer has officially begun! Your vacation planning should be in full swing if you haven't booked your Jersey Shore visit already. That's right, the beautiful beaches along the coast of New Jersey is calling your name - White sands, boardwalk games, and freshly caught seafood is on the "to-do" list. The town of Belmar is everyone's go-to destination for a relaxing day trip or a crazy night at D'Jai's. But when it comes to food you will not be short of delicious eats. However, we have 2 key spots for your hungry palette that you do not want to pass up in Belmar.

We took a visit to Anchor Tavern for the first time a few weeks ago and I cannot believe we haven't been there yet. It is definitely one of those "go-to" bar spots for locals which I love! Thats's how you know it is consistent. Great booths and high top tables inside around the bar as well as seating in the outdoor patio area which also has a bar (Double WIN!)

What to order: We ordered a few apps such as fried calamari which of course you must get down the shore. Not to mention - they gave us popcorn to snack on. Clearly made my day as I am always looking to pick because I have no patience to wait for my food! Let me just tell you that you MUST order the Prime Rib. 12oz and comes with 2 sides of your choice. Only $20 on Tuesdays! I'm sorry but that is a STEAL. Especially when you are doing some heavy drinking at the bar, this will sober you up ;) We also ordered some uh-maxing fish tacos and delicious drinks.

They had an incredible drink menu. Beers and wine of course, but also fun, fruity, and spicy specialty cocktails that are perfect after a day on the beach. Why stop after the beach? Keep that tropical feel ALL night long! Options for both woman and men who love a good whisky. If you are looking for that "late night bar life" feel - Anchor Tavern will be your GO-TO!

If you're looking for a hot trendy spot to get a drink and enjoy a gourmet meal by the water - Marina Grille is your spot. It is extremely busy on a nice sunny day but it is absolutely worth the wait! Marina Grill has an amazing bar located inside the restaurant which is huge but also a bar outside for those waiting for a table or just enjoying the weather. Outdoor seating is first-come-first but if you get the option, it is stunning overlooking the Belmar Marina!

What to order: If you love seafood you'll love the menu. I ordered the Reef and Beef which includes steak AND crab cakes on top which were to DIE for. Perfectly cooked and you get your bang for your buck for sure!. Let's be honest food down the shore can get pricey - but this is where you want to spend your money! I highly recommend the seared scallops as well! It's a light dish but packed with flavor. Typical "beachy" meal if you're looking to watch your figure ;)

We actually came back two weeks later because it was so good and we had just as good of an experience as the first time. Consistency is key! ALSO, do not miss out on the live bands. There is always someone playing on the weekends and it makes the experience that much better. Dinner and a show?! YES!

So whether you are looking to get drinks with buddies during the week or enjoy a Saturday date night, you have plenty of options in Belmar. Check out some pictures on their Instagram or go to the website for a full menu and call for your reservation!

Keep Dining!



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