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  • Karli Damiano

Cocktails For Your Soul

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Hey foodies! It's National Mocktail week! That's right! For those of you who don't drink or indulged too much over the holidays, this week is is right up your alley! But for those cocktail connoisseurs, we have a treat for you.

We had the honor of checking out a new Latin American restaurant - Somos Restaurant in North Arlington! Although they serve small, shareable plates they definitely do not lack in flavor or presentation! They also serve up some serious mixed drinks. Check it out!!

Have a Cigar - Cask & Crew Rye, banana puree, panela, cocoa & coffee, bitters, lime

Chickologist, Rachel Robbins, creates drinks that are fun, flirty, and get you to come back to the bar every time. The colors and flavor combinations are incredible. Between pairings with dinner or something to sip with dessert, it is always a slam dunk!

To be honest, I'm not really quite the drinker. But somehow Mike and I managed to drink every cocktail here, including wine during our dinner. THAT is how good they are.

When you get to the bar, don't forget to ask about their secret menu. What?! Yes, a secret menu. Are you overwhelmed yet? For the ladies, something Instagrammable and tastey such as this one here!

For a Good Time Call - 1615 Quebranta pisco, Passoa liqeur, vanilla, lime, passionfruit & vegan foamer, GLITTER!

And for the men, something with a kick like this one here! Mike's go to for a cocktail is always something spicy and strong: JALAPENO! So, naturally, this was a two thumbs up for him.

Run Nemo, Run - Jalapeno Tequila, mango, lime, bitters, topped with jicama & mango cubes, chili threads

If you are looking for a night out with old friends, happy hour with co-workers, or date night with your significant foodie lover, you will absolutely find something for everyone! Make a reservation or have a seat at the bar. The bar tenders will hook you up with the right sip with your meals.

Frozen Hot Mexican Chocolate - Agave Loco Roasted chili tequila, organic cocoa, earl grey tincture, nilla wafer liqeur, marshmellows

Check out Somos Restaurant and follow them on Instagram for the latest and greatest! Also give Chickologist a follow to keep on top of those secret menu options! Tell them The Food Couple sent you and tell us what you think!


Keep on dining,


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