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  • Karli Damiano

A Turkish Delight

Looking for a new spot for healthy, flavorful, and authentic meals? Cinar Turkish Restaurant is home of the most amazing Turkish cuisine that provides an array of traditional dishes. Some of the best that New Jersey has to offer! Don't believe us?! Check it out below...

Cinar is a fusion of central Asian, middle eastern, and eastern European cuisine. I know a lot of people may question what type of food Turkish restaurants provide. The Mediterranean diet is more of a healthy alternative when eating out. The dishes usually include fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains and unhealthy fats.

The dishes are not short of flavor even though the are considered to be part of a well balanced diet. Even the portion sizes are big enough to fill you right up. But just be sure to leave a little room after for some specialty desserts!!

The colors in this diet just prove that the meals are fresh and natural and unlike any other - goodbye processed foods! Our top picks were the classic Falafel bites, and the Pink Lady which is a dip made from beets and Greek yogurt! When you go, those must be on your list! Also, you CAN'T go wrong with stuffed grape leaves. Those have always been my favorite! You've all had these ingredients before, but Cinar took it to a whole new level to create gourmet Turkish specialties!

There are options for everyone. When it comes to carnivores such as ourselves, you'll never be short of beef, lamb, or chicken! You can get kabobs and platters to taste them all and satisfy your craving! For the vegans and vegetarians, you'll experience the freshest ingredients ever! Who says you have to stick to just salads?! Even the kids will enjoy it too (promise!)

Cinar has a few locations including West Caldwell and Cliffside Park. Super convenient and lots of space! Making reservations is easy for small and large groups! Be sure to call ahead of time - seats go FAST. Every Saturday at the Cliffside Park location, there is live music and Belly Dance Show! Great for a fun and delisious night out you do NOT want to miss. If you are thinking about giving it a shot - DO IT! You can finally cross of Turkish food from your list of foods to try! Don't forget to mention us, the Food Couple, and tell them we sent you!

For their full menu, check out there website:

Give them a follow on Instagram to keep posted on latest menu updates and search hundreds of photos from their restaurant!

Stay hungry,


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